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Nitty Gritty

While it is such a joy to be surrounded by these graceful shapes, much work goes into that grace. Notice the contrast between the rough legs and what they look like after Jasmine has finished shaping them.

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Tools of the Trade

Geoff is drawing up plans for the maple conference table we are building- notice the compass, rulers, curves, and sharp pencils. The incredible maple board for the top was delivered here a couple weeks ago.  We have been skirting around … Read More

Our First Blog

excavating the canyons

We are making a beautiful desk from a 34″ wide x 2″ thick olive board. The base will be maple. Jasmine is debarking the live edge here, and excavating into a canyon along the edge. The book-matched board in the … Read More

The power of two

Yesterday I received $2.00 in the mail from a company that wanted me to complete a survey about TV. I have no clue about TV these days so the literature went into the trash and the money went into my … Read More