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Proper lumbar adjustment with Dr. Michael Aker

A blessing for my back

Just thought it was about time I wrote to you about my Owl Stool. I purchased it last June (2016) while on a visit to your shop. It has been a blessing for my back. I cannot praise it enough…thank you.



Posture Awareness With Michael Mazur

Introducing … my Mom! Cynthia and Michael Mazur, an Alexander technique practitioner, who we are working with to gain more awareness around healthy posture, while selling Owl Furniture in Florida.

Focusing on balance and “there are no rules” awareness, was a big part of our two-hour concentration during this session.  Michael has a very laid back and relaxing approach to guiding better posture awareness. He uses the phrase “posture police” in that, when a person is told to do something out of there realm of comfort it can cause stress, and is counter productive. This can cause harm if practiced repeatedly over time.

We have touched on a few very interesting structural philosophies, such as “Tensegrity” (coined by Buckminster Fuller and modeled by Tom Flemons), and Biotensegrity created by Stephen M. Levine.

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There are overlaps with Tom Myers teachings in Anatomy Trains,  who I have worked with before, and has endorsed the Owl stool. Bio mechanics of the human anatomy continues to intrigue me as I add new teachings and philosophies to Owl ergonomics. It’s a very exciting journey! Stay tuned for more!


Ergo Lumbar Tutorial

Geoff and Hannah demonstrate the ergonomic benefits of the Owl Stool and the Lumbar Support Accessory. Geoff explains how, with proper adjustment, the Lumbar Support gently supports your spine to create a standing posture while sitting.  Another way to Love Your Back!