Owl Stool Kits


Purchase an Owl Stool kit and have the fun of building your own Owl Stool!  Each kit comes with easy to follow Instructions. You can also join us in our Stonington studio for a workshop where you will be guided by a master craftsman in the assembly and finishing of a beautiful finished stool. Refer to our Events page for the workshop schedule.

Check out the Ergonomics page for an in-depth look at what makes the Owl Stool so unique and beneficial.

Seats available in sustainably harvested Cherry with either Ash legs or the Silver Moon adjustable base.

The 18″ height is perfect for standard tables and desks, while the 24″ height is best suited for sitting at a kitchen counter or workbench.  We also offer the adjustable height stool (adjusts from 18″ to 24″) with the Silver Moon base and either the Pro or Classic seat.

Add a Lumbar Support Accessory (only available for the Classic and Pro Rolling Owl Kits). Lumbar Support is an additional $235.