The engaging ergonomic designs of Owl Furniture are inspired by Geoffrey Warner’s awareness of how people relate to their environment.  Geoff believes that furniture is the tool that should enhance a pleasurable experience while working and playing.

The postural support holes, in both the classic and pro designs, promote an active sitting posture and encourage core strengthening.  This allows a healthy neutral position for the pelvis and supports spinal alignment.

The body focused shapes of Owl Furniture are designed to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, whether sitting or standing.  Adjustability and mobility are key considerations in our designs.


  • Maintain an active non-slouching core
  • Change work position every 30 – 45 minutes (sit , stand , stretch , take a break)
  • Distance from top of seat to top of work surface 12”+ (depends on body height )
  • Keyboard use, 90 degree arm angle
  • Monitor location, top of screen level with eyes

body-focused design to support a healthy, productive lifestyle.

posture & pressure

On a traditional seat when we feel pressure on our ischial (sit) bones we tip the pelvis back to relieve pressure. This causes slouch, strain and eventually pain in the lumbar spine.

Optimal posture as supported by the owl stool. With room for your sit bones, there is no temptation to slouch and the spine stays naturally aligned.

In 2013 Owl Furniture received a grant from the Maine Technology Institute to fund an analytical study by US Ergonomics. The image above comes out of that study and shows the difference in pressure distribution between a traditional flat seat and the Owl® Stool. The spacing of the holes in the Owl® Stool proved to be the perfect average for both male and female subjects. Furthermore, “Owl seat designs were very effective at reducing the peak pressure concentrations at the ischial tuberosities”.

Additionally, BIFMA test results demonstrate the strength and durability of the Owl® Stool, up to 300 lbs.

Good design is a renaissance attitude that combines technology, cognitive science, human need, and beauty to produce something that the world didn’t know it was missing.”

– PAOLA ANTONELLI, Senior Curator, Department of Architecture and Design, Museum of Modern Art.

fitting your needs

which seat is right for you?

Classic Owl Seat

The Classic Owl seat provides added support for the legs and hips with up-sloped sides and a concaved support system at the front of the stool. The classic seat is designed with a 4° forward tilting angle that cradles the pelvis at the optimal angle for proper spinal alignment. The postural support holes relieve back pain by easing spine tension and sitting pressures.

Pro Owl Seat

The Pro Owl seat has rounded front corners allowing a greater range of leg motion. This is achieved by leveling the outside front corners and adding an extra 1° forward pitch to the seat. The Pro Owl seat provides for a more active and forward sitting posture than the Classic seat. The postural support holes in the Pro Owl seat relieve back pain by easing spine tension and sitting pressures.

All seats are offered as a wooden leg stool or a metal based stool.


Susie D.
Portland, Maine (Susie, a retired nurse, had her first back surgery 39 years ago, and 2 more since.)

“I exercise faithfully, and I have been mostly pain-free, with certain limitations like the kind of chair, couch or stool I am able to sit in. I avoid most of them, as they make my back feel uncomfortable and unstable, and instead often choose to sit on the floor. When I purchased my Owl I experienced INSTANT (caps hers) back relief. It was as if I was floating on air. For the first time in nearly 40 years I can sit without a worry in the world!  Thank you for giving me a big part of my life back!”

Wilmington, NC

“I recently had a back surgery with some nerve damage and it took a while to be able to sit on the hard surface but I am very happy to report that my stool is the perfect accompaniment to my harp playing. I can sit for longer times with the Owl versus a regular stool or chair and I am able to sit up straighter when I play because of the design of the Owl. I took it with me to a harp conference and lots of people wanted to know what it was and tried it out. It is easy to carry and lightweight, a real advantage when lugging around a Celtic harp. Thanks for helping my back heal and for giving me back my enjoyment of music.”


“I just ordered my second Owl Pro stool. I’ve had my first for about six weeks, and find that I has changed the way I work at my computer desk. (I work as a freelance copy editor). I used to sit on an adjustable piano stool. I like sitting up straight, and feel that working with a backless stool helps my posture. But I was never truly comfortable; I would be constantly readjusting my seat as I worked. With the Owl stool, I sit without fidgeting — and I am truly comfortable — until my brain needs a break. Then I get up and take a walk. I need the second Owl Stool for my other office, where I do graphics and music. I have been moving the first Owl stood between the offices, and am now sure that the Owl is better for all the things I do while seated for more than a few minutes at a time. Thanks for making a big difference in my working and playing life!”


“I’ve been meditating daily for 12 years. After about the first 4 years, the knee pain from sitting cross-legged on a zafu became too much, and I switched to a kneeling bench, which never felt quite as focusing. The OM stool has me back to sitting cross legged and without any knee pain or other discomfort at all. What’s more, unlike the zafu or the bench, I can use it outdoors! Last but not least, it’s an absolutely beautiful handcrafted piece, and the people at Geoffrey Warner studio couldn’t be more helpful or gracious.”

D. Webb
Blue Hill, ME

“The workshop was a great way for us to spend time together as a family, get away from computers and televisions, and work with our hands to create something FUNctional. Even better we were able to support local Maine craftsmanship. Our family gained an appreciation for working with our hands to build our owl stool . . . with no power tools! Geoff was great with the kids and they left with smiles and beautiful pieces of furniture that we’re sure they’ll cherish for years to come.”

Dr. Micahel W. Aker
Wellness Chiropractic, Blue Hill, Maine

“Don’t think stool. This is an ergonomically designed, doctor evaluated postural support, which eases both spine tension and sitting pressures. An aesthetic balance has been struck between beautiful form and healthy spinal support.”

Tom Myers
Director, Anatomy Trains, Dynamic Education for Body-Minded Professionals

“The Owl Stool is built on sound principles of body mechanics, while the seats in most of the rest of the world’s offices, cars, or schools are not. For the seated worker who wants to keep healthy tone and movement in the pelvis and spine, the Owl Stool supports a healthy ‘neutral’ for the pelvis in sitting.’Sitting is the new smoking’ as the wags have it –  but many of us cannot avoid a lot of sitting time in our lives.  If you have to sit, try an Owl Stool. I use one in my office and I prefer it to physioballs, Norwegian stools, or other attempts to improve our sitting.”