Owl Ergonomic Walnut Workstation


The Walnut Adjustable Standing Desk with Owl Perch addresses all postural possibilities for maintaining healthy dynamics while working for long periods of time. Health experts recommend changing positions frequently. The Owl Ergonomic Walnut Workstation is an Owl Perch, adjustable from 20″ – 30″ and the Owl Adjustable Standing Desk.

Workstation includes:

Owl Adjustable Standing Desk (3 height options – adjustable from 26″-36″, 30″- 40″ or 34″- 44″)
Owl Perch (adjustable from 20″ to 30″)

The Walnut Adjustable Standing Desk is available with a round or rectangular desk top. Choose between Silver Moon or Night Owl Black metal bases. Owl Perch is available with a Classic or Pro seat. Learn the difference between Pro Owl and Classic Owl seats.